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“Lorre is one of the most talented, most well informed, most committed to the success of others, that I have ever met. She brings a strong business background to her programs and has the rare ability to convey her message so it is easily understood.”
Tom Gorman, Dean of Community Services, Mid Plains Community College  

The Executive Extra offers two types of training:  

Training - Professional Development
For nearly two decades, Lorre McKeone has been creating and customizing training for a wide variety of audiences. The result is a dozen timely workshops addressing important topics like communication, dealing with change, managing time and stress, valuing diversity and working well with customers. Sessions are typically 3 hours long but can be shortened to meet client needs or expanded to 4 hours to allow for more customized discussion and group interaction. Every session is tailored to the specific needs of the group with specific discussion questions or interactive exercises. 

Training - Success with People
This workshop series is founded on the premise that true understanding is the key to improved interpersonal relationships. In the Level 1 Foundation class, participants complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to identify their own personality preferences and see how they differ from other personality types. Succeeding levels of training expand on this knowledge of personality type, providing practical tools for dealing with diverse groups of people in challenging situations. Unlike generic “people skills” workshops, this training helps each person appreciate their own unique gifts and improve results with those who see the world very differently. Schedule a single session or tailor a multiple-session series for maximum benefit.
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